The most dangerous intersection in El Paso is just barely IN El Paso.

The intersection in question sorta' straddles two cities and states. El Paso in Texas and Chaparral in New Mexico.

Right near the Edge Of Texas Steakhouse, and literally ON the edge of Texas, Highway 54  and State Line road create what is considered by many to be El Paso's deadliest intersection.

Accidents are fairly frequent and often severe. Traffic headed north or south on US-54 is typically moving at 70mph or more while traffic crossing 54 on State Line is coming off a dead stop or moving at a slow, turning rate. At night, the danger level rises as the area has almost no lighting.

Cross traffic has to stop at US 54 and, if continuing forward, has to stop a second time in a small area between the north and south bound lanes of US 54. Only one car at a time fits comfortably there yet, several cars at a time often try.

There is no room at all for a semi to stop in that space so they often "run" the stop sign.

Traffic waiting to turn left from either direction can back up beyond the turn lane, creating another hazard. There's no such thing as a "good" accident but, when a vehicle moving slowly meets up with one doing 70 or better, it's going to be horrific. If a semi is involved, it's going to be beyond horrific.

A little south lies the intersection of Mesquite Hills and US 54. This was another dangerous one and, after a few accidents, a traffic signal was installed there.

While area residents want a light for the 54-State Line intersection as well, TxDoT has a different, seemingly more complicated, idea in mind.

Something called a "J-Turn".

There are intersections around El Paso where accidents are more frequent but, in terms of severity, US 54 and State Line takes first place.

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