El Paso has their share of car accidents but the majority happen due to weather or texting. Like the video above shows an accident that happened because of the weather.

I remember the time I had one of my ultimate scares on the road that left a permanent fear in me. It was the first car accident that had me always fearing to drive in bad weather conditions. I remember the horrific event clear as day. Well, that day wasn't so clear since it had been raining with a slight breeze. My sister came to my aunt's to pick me and my cousin. We had planned to go to the mall which didn't end up happening. Well, in my opinion, I believe the rain made things worse for all of us that day. It is known that most car accidents occur within 2 miles or less from your home. Well, I totally believe in that theory after our accident! We didn't even make it out of my cousin's residential area and we crash not once, but twice! By twice, I mean my sister was turning right when we fishtailed and collided with this metal bar. After that, the truck didn't want to start and we notice this other pick up truck steering straight into us. The truck didn't even bother to try and stop or switch lanes. Before we know it, we get hit from the right passenger side. After we fishtailed, from that moment on I didn't ever want to drive in the rain.

As for the video above, you can see how it affects some drivers. Granted, we don't know if the person was distracted, or speeding. But this person filming the van that flipped over could have been the cause of another accident. Now, in your opinion what do you think is the cause of accidents in El Paso?

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