Comedians Brian Scolaro (Mad Men, Dexter) and Alli Breen were on the Mosho today. We were talking about the Eastlake High School case where a security guard is accused of having sexual contact with two students and about how some of the comments on news sites were saying that the two girls were at least 50% to blame for what happened. That got us talking about the truly bizarre case known as the Mount Washington McDonald's phone scam.

A caller claiming to be a police officer called a McDonalds in Mount Washington, Kentucky. He told the manager that a teenage female employee was suspected of theft and that she should be strip searched. What followed was 3 1/2 hours of abuse and almost unbelievable levels of gullibility.

Here's a shortened version of the 20/20 report on the case. Below the video is a short follow up about the case that I hadn't read until just now. I thought my mind had been thoroughly boggled by this story already but what happened since it was reported is a whole new level of bizarre.

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