Recently, Buzz had a new experience with food. After running into a strange-looking fruit at the grocery store, Buzz asked the Morning Show crew: what's the last thing they ate for the first time?

Just the other day Buzz, walked into the grocery store and saw what he thought was the weirdest looking fruit in the world. It's called jackfruit, and they sell them in large quartered sections. Buzz had never seen this fruit before, so he bought it and brought it for the show to try in the morning. He says, "it's totally a space fruit or something you would find grown by ancient Martians. It has these weird seeds and funky holes that make for one weird fruit!"

The last thing Joanna ate for the first time was also of the exotic fruit variety. Joanna said she tried dragon fruit for the first time after hearing from all her friends how good it tasted and how healthy it was. According to Joanna, "it was meh like I don't get what the big deal was after all the hype. I was underwhelmed."

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Mackerel fish, the only protein of the bunch, was the last thing Nico tried for the first time, "I was out eating sushi with friends, and one of them asked me if I wanted to try mackerel. I had always heard about it but never tried the fish, and I can see why I stayed away; it was gross. Super fishy, super oily, and never going back."

Everyone should be open to trying new things, one of the things the Morning show could agree with because it took each member way too long to remember the last thing they ate for the first time.

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