There are some things you learn about a place that you never knew before. I was definitely today years old after learning a new fun fact about the state of New Mexico.

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Before I have mentioned so many unique places that you should visit in Texas. This time I will be taking a break from Texas and focusing on the lovely state of New Mexico.

There are some popular spots in New Mexico you may have known about or will barely be finding out for the first time. I was one of those people who barely found out about some unique spots in New Meixco.

If you're down to explore the land of fire and ice you will make an effort to visit Grants, New Mexico. There are a couple of spots you have got to see and are worth a road trip for the whole family.

The two marvelous spots I am referring to are the Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano. You can get a virtual tour thanks to Kevin Eassa's YouTube video seen below.

You can learn some interesting facts about the Bandera Volcano and Ice Cave after watching. For example, the Ice Cave in New Mexico is about 20 feet deep which doesn't look like it.

Since New Mexico is right next door to Texas just means you must put these spots on your list of places to visit. You can learn different little facts about Bandera Volcano and Ice Cave before you make a trip.

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