Of course men think it's only okay for them and not women to participate in no-shave November. I am not one to participate because I have Chaetophobia which is a fear of hair. Besides I prefer to feel silky smooth than rough and hairy just for fun.

This group of men and women discuss the subject of no shaving for a whole month and not surprised by the mens answers. Plus men love the touching smooth legs on a woman instead of hairy legs. Apparently, men think they're feeling up Chewbaca if women join in on no-shave November.

Now for the women, they will only pull a no-shave November if they know intimacy is not going down. Also, when we cut our legs shaving, it is like we get stabbed and bleed like a volcano eruption.

Thankfully no-shave November is almost over and we can start seeing mens faces better without that hair in the way!