The word 'excited' does not describe how I feel right now.





The Miami Heat (my boys) have reached their 19th consecutive win beating the Atlanta Hawks 98-81. My boy, Dwyane Wade scored a total of 23 points, Lebron James 15, Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers scored 14 a piece. Seven Heat players logged more than 3 1/2 minutes of time in the 1st quarter ... all seven scored (sweeet!).









This is the 5th longest streak in NBA history. Only 3 teams have won 20 consecutive games in the same season. The Lakers (1971-72), Houston Rockets (2007-08) and the Milwaukee Bucks (1970-71).

The crowd at the American Airlines Arena (Miami - my hometown) was 20,350 people ... a record for a regular season game.










The Heat is leading the Eastern Conference race by 9 1/2 games over Indiana and New York. Miami will be trying for their 20th straight win tomorrow night at Philadelphia.



Wishing my boys the best of luck ... and as for the pictures, yes, the dogs are HUGE Miami Heat fans as well!!