And the Heat move on to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Game 4 of the Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Miami Heat was intense. Considering the Bucks were fighting for a home win so they can at least get another shot at another game. Unfortunately, Lebron James was on fire and scored a total of 30 points also having 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Ray Allen was right behind him with 16 points and 7 rebounds (his 3rd game with double digits). The Miami Heat won 88-77 moving them one step up to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. (Woo-Hoo!!)

Dwyane Wade sat out due to his bad knee. He did a few practice shots but since the pain was still there, the team said they got this ... and they weren't kidding.

"We're a good basketball team. That's nothing that's a secret. We're not a one-man show, a two-man, a three-man (show). We're a basketball team.'' ~ Dwyane Wade

The Miami Heat will not play until Saturday at the earliest facing the winner of the Chicago Bulls / Brooklyn Nets series. Lebron stated that they are hoping for their 16 game win streak, but their next goal is game #5.

Well, so far two teams are out: Milwaukee Bucks and L.A. Lakers and two teams have moved up: The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.


The Oklahoma City Thunder are up 3-0 against the Houston Rockets. The Chicago Bulls are also up 3-1 against the Brooklyn Nets. GSW is up 3-1 as well vs. the Denver Nuggets. Memphis and Clippers are tied 2-2 (I think that's gonna be a bit of an intense series) and as for the Indiana Pacers they are 2-1 vs. the Atlanta Hawks.

New York Knicks are up 3-1 too against the Boston Celtics. (Did you check out Sunday's game?) Am not really a Boston Celtics fan, but I kinda want them to win (please don't make me repeat that). Lucky for them, they were not ready to go home and won the game in OT 97-90. (Also, one awesome thing I saw on Facebook was that Danny Ainge, Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger  of the Celtics organization made a surprise visit to a Boston hospital and met with victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy.)

Well, that's the latest update. Hope your team is rockin it!!


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