My boys are killin' it!!

I know the Playoffs just started but are they getting good or what?! Let's see where each team is standing as of now.

The New York Knicks are up 2-0 against the Boston Celtics. The Golden State Warriors are tied vs. the Denver Nuggets 1-1. Chicago Bulls are up 2-1 with the Brooklyn Nets. Los Angeles Clippers are up 2-1 against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Indiana Pacers are up 2-0 with the Atlanta Hawks. San Antonio Spurs are up 2-0 vs. the LA Lakers (am feeling bad for the Lakers ... poor guys). Oklahoma City Thunder are up 2-0 vs. the Houston Rockets.


As for my boys, the Miami Heat are up 3-0! No other NBA team has overcome a 3-0 to win a best of 7 series. The Heat have a great chance to close things out this Sunday at the Bradley Center. Unfortunately, the Milwaukee Bucks were hoping for some sort of 'boost' being back home considering this is the first playoff game at the Bradley Center in 3 years. Ray Allen scored a total of 23 points on yesterday's game. Five of the 3 pointers gave him the NBA career playoff record with 322. The Heat beating the Bucks once more 104-91.

So tell me, which teams do you predict will pass on to the next battle?!


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