The Ghost Inside's Andrew Tkaczyk shows us again the amazing progress the drummer has made since his horrific bus crash here in El Paso back in November.

Back in March, the members of The Ghost Inside showed us their incredible progress since the tragic tour bus accident that killed two people. We saw three members of the band all walking for the first time in months. And now, drummer Andrew Tkaczyk is updating fans with the news he's finally doing again what he loves- drumming!

Tkaczyk graduated from the Mary Free Bed inpatient program in Michigan back in January and has been attending their outpatient program three times a week. He gave an update to their blog about his progress and playing drums for the first time in six months.

I’m feeling awesome. The pain has been steadily declining over the past few months. My shoulder is getting better, my back isn’t sore as often and my residual limb has been getting a lot stronger. I’m making gains and doing more than I did last week, more than I did the previous day. I try to do something every day that I didn’t do the day before, even if it’s something little. Honestly, the most tiring part is the 70-minute car ride here and back each day. But that’s OK.

We’ve been working on my shoulder and elbow. I still have sensitivity that goes all the way from the tips of my fingers to my shoulder and part of my back. Clipping my nails is AN EVENT. But there are little things happening that are good signs of healing, slowly but surely.

My attitude from the beginning has been “no looking back.” I’m focused. I’m starting to walk and play drums again. My head is in the game.

Check out the video above and see his amazing progress.The Ghost Inside are still dealing with mounting medical bills while they are trying to make progress. If you would like to donate to the band, please go to their GoFundMe page.

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