We still have a couple days left in the month but the Funniest News Bloopers of September 2020 are already out! This month, lots of missed cues and, for some reason, lights going out. Maybe the financial ramifications of the pandemic shutdown are finally manifesting and local TV stations who haven’t paid their utilities since May are getting the power shut off?

Here are some of the News Bloopers of September 2020 that I circled as personal favorites:

  • 00:35---Reading on your phone while doing a live, local broadcast kind of sums up the future of live, local broadcasts, doesn’t it?
  • 2:52-----Maybe you’d be able to find your place on the teleprompter if your glasses weren’t on crooked, Damien Alameda!
  • 3:04-----“Go ahead, Sarah”. “Go ahead, Aaron”…”You know what? Let’s just both laugh uncomfortably”.
  • 4:24----Every announcer has that one word they can’t quite pronounce. For Lisa, it’s “Marlborough”. For this guy, it���s either “anonymous” or “annuity”. Or, maybe “annual”. Possibly “Animaniacs”. We may never know.
  • 7:28---Forget about “crabbin’” and dropping the squid net. It looks like they’re not wearing masks or social distancing anymore in…I want to say it’s somewhere in the U.K. or maybe Ireland. Is the pandemic OVER in the U.K.? What gives? I don’t think it’s fair that THEY can get crabs! I want to get crabs too!
  • 8:29---One of the BEST Rick-Rolls of ALL TIME! Also, maybe check which guests are going to be on ahead of time, weather bloke.
  • 9:05---Say what you will about the Germans but at least they get the trains to run on time!
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