If you ever partied deep inside Ciudad Juarez then you should be familiar with Esfinge Discotek (the pyramid) nightclub. Some of us under agers took our chances partying in J town back in the day. Not only did I party on the strip in Juarez that's nearby the Paso Del Norte bridge, but I also partied at the nightclubs further into Ciudad Juarez.

It's understanding why some people preferred to avoid the other party places that weren't on the strip. There were so many places that were fun to party at in Ciudad Juarez then. The nightclubs like Esfinge Discotek, Chamucos, The News, and more were so much fun.

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Especially Esfinge that was further away from the bridges. Esfinge Discotek (the Pyramid) nightclub was the best because of their foam parties they threw years ago. If you don't remember the name Esfinge Discotek it was the nightclub that had a huge pharaoh that was a part of the building.

Esfinge Discotek was the only nightclub you can show up dry and leave with soaking wet clothes. The nightclub had designated areas that you could sit or stand to avoid getting wet. But come on now, almost everyone jumped in to dance the night away in the foam.

Esfinge Discotek's Fiesta de Espuma was lit and was the best way to party during the summer times. If you never had the opportunity to attend a foam party at Esfinge Discotek, you sure missed out. If you would like a refresher or curious about what it was like, check out the video featured above. But let me know if you had a blast at foam parties in the poll below.

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