Don't drive yourself nuts agonizing over the anticipated outcome or, even the confirmed one. It really doesn't matter at this point.

The election is, as the saying goes, "all over but for the shouting". Here's why you should just sit back at this point and relax while you wait for the final results. In a nutshell, you'll need the rest because, whether your chosen candidate won or not, life will go on and it will bring more grief. Whether you are truly happy, upset, or in between for the next few years really depends on the candidate(s) and their actions. Even if your candidate won, there is a good chance they'll still upset you at some point over their term in office. There is no such thing as a perfect world so, expect a fair share of disappointment. Period.

What we need to do now is, forget the winners and losers, and get back to just being Americans. We need to watch what our "leaders" are doing and stay on them about things. Write letters, make phone calls, raise hell! Let them know that you are paying attention and that you expect results. We have spent a lot of time lately arguing with each other, pointing fingers, and listening to the candidates bash each other. The election is done, now we need to resume getting along with each other and doing what we can ... together ... to better our country and push these so-called "leaders" to do the right things.

The election is over and the politicians have fed us their BS. Now it's time to join together and hold them accountable for what they said would and would not happen. C'mon America, enough with the squabbling. It's time to start acting like Americans!

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