The El Paso Streetcar project is underway and making a ton of progress. Whether you love or hate it, it's happening. We recently got to see a video of the trolley in action which you can check out here. Yes, the street cars have certainly caused a headache with traffic here in town, but those six street cars should be up and running soon. I still think they need their own names and not numbers.

We all know by now what the street cars look like so it isn't hard for us to not recognize them but did you know that our little street cars aren't only gracing the streets of EP? If you follow El Paso Street Car on Instagram (@elpasostreetcar) you may have noticed our street car make an appearance in San Francisco! In a post from earlier this month, the EP Street Car cruising the streets of SF with an expanation of why it was painted that way (all about our history with our street cars).

Reading the comments makes my cold little heart warm when I see so many El Pasoans in San Francisco excited that they got a little piece of the 915 in the City by the Bay.

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