The street car project is officially happening downtown whether you like or not. Monday morning saw the return of Street Car No. 1506 to the Sun City and boy, was it a major event! Many were out to get the first glimpse of Street Car 1506 in all its beautiful teal (?) glory. But everyone just kept saying "Street Car 1506" and it made me feel like something was missing. You don't call people by a number, especially in El Paso, you call them by their nickname. So I decided since there are going to be six street car's in downtown El Paso to give them all names! Here's what I came up with!


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    This one seems pretty obvious. I hear plenty of gentlemen in El Paso be called Don, Don Ramon, Don Juan, Don Cuco and of course the obvious, Don Haskins. I think it'd be a great homage to Don Haskins if we named one of the street cars after him!

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    We love our Chico's here in EP, Chico's Tacos, Chico the Chihuahua and I just love the thought of saying "Hey, I'm about to board Chico, see you in five."

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    We need a lady up in here and Rosa, made famous by Rosa's Cantina, is totally appropriate.

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    How many times have our family members come in from out of town and one of the first things we do (after taking them to Chico's) is take them to see the star on the mountain? You look at that star and you know you're home. Sure we could name the street car Star as well, but I think Estrella sounds more pretty!

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    One of the things many of my friends who've left El Paso to pursue their careers say they miss about EP is the mountains. I recently went hiking at the Franklin Mountains and was able to take in all the beauty, they truly make El Paso what it is.

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    Because you can't have a street car and not name it Desire! Okay, so maybe I've just been waiting for this moment so I could yell out "Stellaaa!"

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