The star on the mountain is usually lit up for special occasions.

Today is more than just a special occasion.

Today we remember and honor the 23 victims that lost their lives. One year has past and it hurts just as much as when it happened.

August 3, 2019, is a date we will never forget and always remember.

As a community, we all stepped up and did what we could to help. That is one of the many reasons why I love my city because everyone cares for one another.

The El Paso Chamber plans to honor each and every victim that lost their lives a year ago today. They have created a very unique El Paso way to honor those we lost from the tragedy with the star on the mountain.

Make some plans to find a spot tonight where you have a good view of the star on the mountain.

Tonight at 9 pm the star on the mountain will do something you've never seen it do before.

The star on the mountain will flash 23 times in honor of the 23 victims of last year's tragedy.

If you're unable to see the star on the mountain tonight the El Paso Chamber will live stream the lighting.

My kids and I plan on finding a spot to watch the star on the mountain honor the 23 victims.

So if you see the star on the mountain turning on and off, it isn't a glitch.

While we wait for this event, take some time to view Carlos Marquez's photos of the El Paso star. He also turned it into a video you can see above.

Marquez mentioned how this video has taken on a new meaning because of what happened a year ago today.

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