Hockey season is upon us and can't wait to cheer on our Rhino's and Utep Miner's hockey team! I am extremely stoked to drink some hot cocoa and cheer on our El Paso Rhinos and Utep Miners again.

I'm definitely a fanatic for Ice Hockey seeing the players work so hard with their team. You also can't deny that you enjoy seeing the opposing players get into a scuffle on the ice. Another giveaway how some enjoy the fight is how quickly people pound on the hockey glass if they're near the fight. I always had a great time with the very friend who got me into the sport. It is especially fun when you get to take a blanket in to keep warm while sipping on that hot cocoa. Just recently our El Paso Rhinos won the Midwest Division Championship and will accomplish that mission again and soon! Been cheering on the Rhinos for so many years now since 2006. As for the Utep Miners Hockey, this will be my third year rooting for them. You can win free tickets to the hockey games through Klaq so be sure to visit us when we're out and about!

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