The pandemic sure has been a buzzkill for us lately since a year ago but things are slowly getting back to normal. For the longest time now we have been living life with limits due to Covid-19. For example, a lot of social events were put on hold when we started to see just how serious Covid-19 really was.

Last year was the year all of our social lives were put to a halt since the only way to stay safe was by practicing social distancing. But this time around it seems like things are looking up for us as time goes by. Luckily, now all sorts of people are getting vaccinated now, and slowly but surely things are opening back up.

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On Wednesday, March 10 Governor Greg Abbott lifted the restrictions that were put on Texas. Now, after the lift Governor, Greg Abbott hopes we will take every precaution to protect ourselves without the regulations. So, past social events we enjoyed once doing are returning for us to enjoy again.

Before Covid-19 came about you were able to enjoy ice skating right at the home of the Rhinos Hockey team. The best of times was when you could skate along with some of the platers after the game. The ice skating rink hasn't been available to the public for a long time now, but times are changing.

Just yesterday the EP Hockey Association took to Twitter to announce that public skating is now open. Today's first public skating session will be from 7 pm to 10 pm. They plan to make skating sessions on Fridays when there isn't a Rhino home game.

The El Paso Hockey Association is limiting how many people can ice skate at the rink. They will have 50 slots open for those who want to ice skate. If you're planning on getting your skate on then make sure you take a mask because masks are mandatory.

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