1. 'Superunknown' (1994)

It's not my fault but when I like something or someone I tend to over do it. That goes with just about everything I've sunk my teeth into! The year was 1991, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Back then is when it was an exciting time to be into rock. The entire rock scene was about to be brought down by grunge rock. I was a sophomore in high school and was dating a girl from another school. The thing that brought us together was our undying love for Skid Row and other's but the story continues.

Like I said I was obsessed to the point I ruined her love for the bands I though we both admired. Well, one day she gave me ALL of her rock memorabilia and her walls now adorned the pictures of Chris Cornell. Welcome Soundgarden into my life.

Not the most exciting story but it ties into the tragic passing of Mr. Cornell. Every time I hear the majestic vocals of this man will bring back a lot of memories from my past. Rest in peace Chris Cornell your songs and poetry lyrics will live on until the end of time.