The majority of NFL teams don't have fans in the stands yet. Some do, but most do not. The Dallas Cowboys are currently in the 'do not' category. Just how much money are the Dallas Cowboys missing out on by not having fans in the stands?

According to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys are losing out on about $77 million PER GAME. Here are the teams that are losing the most money:

  1. Dallas Cowboys - $77 million per game
  2. New England Patriots - $39 million per game
  3. New York Giants - $32 million per game
  4. New York Jets and Houston Texans - $27 million per game

This amount if a combination of ticket sales, concessions, sponsors, parking, and also merchandise. All of the things fans spend money on at games. Some teams are allowing fans into the stands already. There were two games opening weekend that had fans. The Chiefs and the Jaguars both allowed in fans, although at a very limited capacity. Here is what some NFL teams are looking at in regards to allowing fans in:

  • Cincinnati Bengals will allow 6,000 fans at their next two home games.
  • Denver Broncos will have 5,700 fans at their next home game.
  • Indianapolis Colts are putting a limit of 2,500 fans at their next home game.
  • Miami Dolphins are going to allow a whopping 13,000 fans at their home games.
  • Cleveland Browns will be allowing 6,789 fans into their home games. I have a feeling someone within the organization just ran the finger on the keyboard to get that number.
  • Both the Chiefs and Jaguars had about 16,000 in attendance opening weekend.

As for the Cowboys, there is no official plan yet on when they'll allow fans in the stands but they have said they're planning on it at some point, with owner Jerry Jones saying they'll "play it by ear and see how it goes."

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