It’s a New Year and, despite what memes might tell you, it’s actually the same old you.

Our style editors for the Buzz Adams Morning Show have compiled a comprehensive list of fads that have had their day and trends that are about to boom.

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That’s right. It’s time for a little of the old “in and out”…

OUT: Cocaine Bears


IN: Ayahuasca Bobcats

OUT: Duranguito

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Duke Keith

IN: A city-owned property to be named at a later date

OUT: Nepo Babies

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IN: Nepo Toddlers

OUT: Celebrity tequila brands.

Mexico May Halt Tequila Production
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IN: Celebrity Weed Strains

OUT: Quiet-Quitting

IN: Making a f*****g scene

IN: What’s In/Out Lists

OUT: What’s Hot/Not lists

IN: LiMu Emu

OUT: Doug.

OUT: Sweaters for Dogs

IN: Yoga Pants for Parakeets

OUT: Bachelorette parties at comedy clubs.

IN: Open Mic Wakes 

OUT: Malls

IN: Indoor, self-contained villages with churches, gyms, DMVs, and raccoon habitats where malls USED to be.

OUT: Americans sleeping outside of the street

IN: Venezuelans sleeping outside on the street

OUT: Soren Kierkegaard

IN: Hans Lassen Martensen

OUT: James Bond

IN: Benoit Blanc

OUT: Ticketmaster

IN: Finding a guy with extra tickets outside the venue 

OUT: Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

IN: Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen

OUT: Flying on Southwest

IN: Just driving to your destination and having your luggage shipped to the wrong place. Cuts out the middleman.

OUT: Crypto

IN: Coins

OUT: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

IN: Hitting the “reboot” button on the whole god-awful mess

OUT: Sitcoms doing The Office’s “fake documentary” format

IN: “Recorded in front of a live studio audience!”

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