A few hundred miles from El Paso, the desert Southwests version of Bigfoot struck again.

The legendary Chupacabra, (supposedly), attacked some animals near Delicias, about 300 miles from El Paso. La Opción de Chihuahua reported that a farmer:

said that he found 10 of his animals Thursday morning with head and neck wounds that he believes were caused by the infamous "goat sucker" in a rural community southeast of Delicias.

In 2010, "Chupy" was blamed for killing 30 chickens in Horizon City. According to the EP Times, it also once attacked a lady in Juarez but, that report turned out to be false. Seems she was ... this is great ... trying to explain her lovers hickey!

There's no reason to believe "El Chupo" is heading towards El Paso but, just in case, lock up your chickens and cheating girlfriends!

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