Pope Francis is set to visit Juarez, Mexico on February 17, and hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to visit the Borderland. While visiting the region the Pope will bring up issues close to the church like re-energizing Catholics. As a political figure the Pope will speak on issues regarding Immigration and drug violence.

I recently went across to our sister city, Juarez, to check things out before the Pope's big arrival. Juarez is buzzing with excitement over the papal visit. In less than a month the spiritual head of the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics will be in the Borderland.

I stopped by the Catedral de Ciudad Juarez in Downtown Juarez and found a kiosk with photos of Pope Francis with the phrase, 'Chihuahua es Amor' in english 'Chihuahua is Love,' encouraging people to sign a guestbook located inside with their message and prayers.

@TheTexasTaco via Twitter

I was even able to take a picture with a cutout of the Pontiff (I'm on the right).

@TheTexasTaco via Twitter

The Pope will use his influence to speak out issues that go beyond Mexico. Pope Francis will talk about four main topics: Immigration, drug violence, re-energizing Catholics and Our Lady of Guadalupe. For more information on the Pope Francis's visit click HERE.