It seems as though everyone you know is dealing with some sort of sickness- whether its getting over a bug or dealing with the initial scratchy throat stage the flu is all around us. The flu is in full swing and the CDC says that even the flu shot isn't helping as much as they hoped. The flu vaccine is a mismatch for the strain going around this season, and it's especially bad news for kids. According to CNN, this year's vaccine is only a 58% match for the influenza B/Victoria strain. Still, the CDC is instructing people to get the flu shot, because it can still help.

If you or someone you know if suffering through the flu, plenty of people are willing to give you their advice on how they deal with the dreading sickness. We asked some locals to see what they think is the best remedy for the flu and got some great answers. Check out some of their recommendations and see if you ever used any of these tips or tricks.

"Colloidal silver spray always does the job."


"I got this tea recipe from someone awesome. Oregano, ginger and cinnamon boiled for tea. It really helps. My husband makes a little soup out of garlic, onions, cilantro and boullion."


"I throw a couple pieces of chicken in the crock pot with water, salt, garlic, ginger, and bouillon. I use the shredded chicken for whatever dish I am making and save the broth. We drink it out of coffee cups. We just fix a cup and throw it in microwave. . I keep a gallon in my fridge all week. Ginger has tons of benefits so don’t skip that."


"I make all organic ingredient elderberry syrup! Perfect to fight against sickness. You can use regularly to build your immunity. Here’s some off the things it benefits along with fighting against the flu. - Helps relieve nasal congestion
- Anti-Inflammatory
- Treats respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu
- High in vitamin A, B, C and potassium
- Enhances your immunity
- Allergy fighter
Message me for more info! I have the option of raw honey or a vegan option blue agave nectar!"


"For belly aches, canned peaches in syrup.
We are Italian and when we get sick we always have pastina which are little bead shaped pasta that you boil in chicken broth and serve with parmesan and lots of black pepper and parsley."


"Stay hydrated!!! my teenager and toddler both tested positive for the flu and I would take them a warm bath with epsom salt for 20 minutes to soak and gave them lots of fluids and soups"


"Get lots of rest but force yourself to eat. You can’t fight the bug without any fuel. Drink pedilyte, vitamin c pills, Delsym, saline nasal spray, saline and aloe gel for around your nose, steam in the bathroom and drink apple juice. Try to limit your milk intake since it causes phlegm."

"Raw honey (I put mine in green tea daily), fresh garlic, fresh ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, fresh onion, fresh horseradish, and lots of cinnamon."


"Peel about 6 cloves garlic throw it into a pint jar with raw honey let it sit for a couple of days then you can take it like cough syrup."


"Detox bath as soon as symptoms start.... Hot water, fresh grated ginger, and Epsom salt stay in bath as long as you can once your out wrap yourself in a blanket and sweat it out..."

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