"Abducted in Plain Sight' is available on Netflix right now and I am shooketh! If you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. If you've listened the show recently you may have heard us mention it here and there. Okay, we mention it a LOT! It's hard not to! At first glance, the trailer makes it seem like any other kidnapping documentary but then the topic of aliens comes up and you realize, this not going to be like other documentaries. You would be right.

This jaw dropping doc has captured not just all of us on the show, but countless others. It's become the subject of memes all across social platforms and brunt of endless jokes.

When I first saw this documentary I was literally pouring myself a glass of wine when THAT ONE moment came up and I nearly spilled my wine everywhere. I was at a loss of words once it was over- that's where the citizens of Twitter come in. These Tweets sum up how it feels to watch "Abducted in Plain Sight":




Netflix really gave us a lot to think about with these two!





This dude really just joined Twitter to complain about the parents!



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