El Paso residents love to admire the art murals that are painted in different parts of the city. Lately, it seems like everywhere you look around El Paso you come across a beautiful art mural from time to time. Hell, there's even an abandoned warehouse sitting atop Sugarloaf Mountain with a beautiful art mural that's displaying a pair of bright colorful wings. Plus, after the mass shooting on Saturday, August 3, 2019, so many beautiful murals started popping up left and right. There were a lot of El Paso Strong murals being painted on different walls around the city. But there is one particular mural located on N. Carolina Drive that is slowly fading away. But one El Pasoan brought attention to the idea and would like to see the mural be given a retouch. If there's one caring, I am sure there are also more residents out there who would also like to see the same thing done.

I also feel the same way when I come across certain murals that have lost their colorful hue. I even feel the same when I see some letters on the mountains that aren't as visible as the others. But anyway, that's beside the point since we're on the subject of art murals. It's not really an eyesore but definitely is a bummer to see when you're waiting at the light on Lilac Way. The art mural that was painted was a Mormon Latter-day Saints project and was done years ago. Now it sure would be nice to see the art mural on N. Carolina Drive be given a touch-up soon. Let me know in the poll below if you would like to see that mural repainted so drivers stuck in traffic can admire some art.

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