Scott was on vacation for the past couple days and we had talked about things he needed to catch up on while he was gone. Stranger Things, Black Mirror, etc. How did he spend his vacation? Watch and find out.

We also talked about my "on air" name when I worked for a country station, including how I got the name. I also share a story from college where this group of kids in my class were trying to come up with on air names on the college stations, during class.

I also make an announcement. Which was big if you're in El Paso. We have Rogue One tickets we'll be giving away for the 10:30 showing on the 15th at Alamo Draft House. I then tell one of the YouTube chatters they can't win because they said something not very nice about Scott. Scott, being the guy who actually bought the damn tickets. But in the long run, that chatter was allowed to win because he and the other chatters then showered Scott with compliments.