This week a couple of members of September Mourning were kind enough to stick around after the MoSho and join me on the After Buzz.

We talk about a wide range of topics, including:

  • How the band got it's start
  • Jobs they did before they were in the band
  • We talk about comics, and of course the September Mourning comic
  • We also talk about how September Mourning is not the mastering engineer named Emily Lazar you find if you Google her
  • In case you're wondering about her costume we certainly covered that topic.
    • How long it takes her to get ready.
    • How many different versions of the costume she has.
    • Does she have a new version of the costume in the works?
    • Has there ever been an issue with the costume right before or during a show that they have had to deal with immediately?

If you want more info and keep up to date with September Mourning, check out their website HERE.

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