This week I was joined again by Nico, and Alex "Kool Aid" Ansel. Kool Aid is in town with Jake the Snake Roberts for the Unspoken Word Tour. You can go to Jake the Snake's Facebook page HERE to find the tour dates.

We get to find out about how Kool Aid got into comedy. How he ended up, not only becoming Jake the Snake's opener, but also living with Jake in Las Vegas. Plus he has a really funny story about Seattle that, being from the Northwest, was all too familiar for me. Let's just say the words "Take your hate somewhere else" were said to him while he's on stage doing his set. To that I say, go f*** yourself, you oversensitive d***bag. It's comedy. Grow up.

Anyway, if you find yourself in the El Paso area and ever want to be a guest on the After Buzz, you can be. Just email me to

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