This week I'm joined by comedian Elliott Threatt on the After Buzz and we cover a wide array of topics.

During the morning show, Elliott was asking me about that psycho racist that stabbed and killed a coupe of people in Portland, OR a couple weeks ago. I told him that Portland is very liberal, but those people still exist up there. So we get Nico's "outsiders" story from when he was on a comedy road trip up in the Northwest.

I was also asked during the show what my favorite part of being in radio is. And I honestly can't come up with a good answer. So I took the easy way out, saying that it's not really work because I get to do things like the After Buzz with Nico and Eilliott and that's considered work.

If you ever have a topic you want discussed on the After Buzz or would like to be a guest and will be in El Paso, shoot me an email to