We now have a sponsor for the After Buzz! Not really. We just stole the "brought to you by" part of Sesame Street and instead of it being a letter or number, it's a word or phrase from Urban Dictionary.

We also go over a bunch of random band names and song titles that we've come up with. The two fake bands that I had on the video game Rock Band were Moist Funk and King Dick and the Shades of Glory. The explanation of the names is in the video. And Scott also shares a long list of band names that he came up with last year.

Plus, I talk about how I spent entirely too much money on underwear. Seriously, it was over $100 for just underwear. Then I also go into my trip to Ruidoso. Which, BTW, is pretty damn awesome, especially since it had just snowed the morning I drove up there.

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