There is no feeling like seeing a food chain commercial that leaves you craving their food that you can't have. You can relate when you see commercials on television displaying their delicious food. The problem with that is you can't exactly eat that for whatever meal of the day in El Paso. I have that problem when I see Panera Bread commercials on television especially when I'm hungry. My son even recommends we take a road trip just to eat at his favorite food chain, also not in the 915, Red Robin. I won't deny considering a road trip to eat at either of those places. Another place El Pasoan's would love to see in El Paso is The Cheesecake Factory. But Panera Bread is the restaurant I am dying to try and hope to see one in El Paso someday. Panera Bread's commercials seriously do justice by winning your stomach and tastebuds vote.

I would like to believe the closest thing El Paso can get to Panera Bread is Corner Bakery. I believe a Panera Bread would do great here in El Paso just the way other popular food chains have like Panda Express, Dave and Buster’s, and more. If the 915 got a Panera Bread I more than likely would become a regular on a first name basis there. Plus, that place is one of the biggest food chains in America. I also will continue to keep my hopes up because so far El Paso has still been expanding. I have actually been holding on to hope since the Panera Bread rumor started. Share how you would feel if a Panera Bread opened in the 915 below. 

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