El Paso is growing more and more everyday. We're getting a Great Wolf Lodge, which is an indoor water park resort guaranteed to bring lots of fun. Cohen stadium, which holds a lot of special memories for me, was demolished this week but construction begins this month in what they plan to make an aquatic center take its place. And the West Towne Marketplace has begun their construction that will bring retail, restaurants and entertainment.

It was then that the rumors that a Cheesecake Factory would be coming to town (it's not). The West Towne Marketplace is where the new Flix Brewhouse will open its doors in June. The Round Rock, Texas based company would be the first in El Paso. Aside from a Ross and TJ Maxx nothing else has been announced on what will be opening there. But now, a quick job search on Lensa will show that they are looking for night bakers and managers for a Panera Bread located in El Paso.

Reddit user u/Sgt_Snacks posted these job listings the other day:

There's nothing official on their website and nothing has been announced. The comments are complete speculation. And we also can't be certain that it would be at The West Towne Marketplace, but it is fun to think that maybe we'd be getting a Panera bread.

As a soup and sandwich lover, Panera is definitely on my list of "must stop at" when I'm in a town that has one. Sure, it's no Corner Bakery, but seeing those commercials really makes me crave it. Also, am I the only one who gets all bitter when I see a commercial to a restaurant we don't have here?! Anyways, is this better than a Cheesecake Factory? Have you been to a Panera before? Are you an insider who is willing to give us (anonymous) information on whether we're really getting a Panera here? Let us know!

I want a sandwich now.

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