The biggest car show is returning again to the Downtown Street Festival June 23 and June 24. If you put in blood, sweat and quite the chunk of change, then you should show off your ride at the O'Reilly Auto Parts Car Show.  Streetfest and Imperials El Paso Car Club aren't shying away this year since they're bringing you the coolest car show in El Paso!

A friend of mine JJ Estrada was one of last year's O'Reilly Auto Parts Car Show winner and came in 3rd place for his 1968 Chevy. It took JJ about 8 years to get the Chevy to look and ride the way it does.

JJ Estrada

If you put in a lot of time to your Chevelle and want to have a chance ar taking home the trophy, get entered! There is no better place to show off your classic muscle car in front of a bunch of fans. Almost everyone loves enjoying checking out American muscle cars to see what they're made of (the engine) of course.

J.J. Rodriguez
Gabe Alcantar

There are endless types of classic and modern cars, bikes and low riders that are featured at the Downtown Street Festival you want to see! If you have a love for Mustangs, Chevelles, Novas, Harleys and low riders the O'Reilly Auto Parts Car Show is worth a tour.

If you think your ride is worth showing off at the car show, you can get entered above for the O'Reilly Auto Parts Car Show for this years Downtown Street Festival!