In my earlier career as a nighttime DJ I did a lot of appearances at bars and nightclubs. This was the 80s and clubs were always trying to have sexy promotions. This was waaaaay before the #Metoo movement. Think "wet t-shirt and jello wrestling" contests.

One of the things I can recall emceeing was an "erotic banana eating" contest. Girls with giant poofy 80s hair wearing bikinis would "eat" their banana as seductively as possible. The winner would get...I dunno, it was the 80s , so...a "Frankie Say Relax" t-shirt and tickets to see Whitesnake and Warrant?

There were also erotic Popsicle contest, erotic corn-on-the-cob...basically any vaguely dong-shaped food.

As far as I know, though, this is the first ever erotic TACO eating contests.

For more taco-centric fun, head out to 5 Points Bistro this Tuesday for a pre-4th of July taco-eating contest. Don't worry, this contest is for speed not sensuality.

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