The American version of "The Masked Singer" has been a hit but there was Hollywood A-lister on the original, South Korean version of the show. People were initially on the fence with the idea of the television show "The Masked Singer," mostly because of the other lackluster celeb shows, it's become a hit. Seeing a bunch of C-listers and random internet stars don't really bode well for a star-studded cast on this brand, new show. But "The Masked Singer" has been seriously delivering the past couple weeks. From the first reveal, Hall of Fame NFL star Antonio Brown to this week's legendary comedian unmasked, Tommy Chong people are excited to see who will be unmasked next. There have been lots of guesses, especially here at the MoSho studios. From the peacock, the bee, the raven and every creature in between we're all dying to know who is under the masks! But one Hollywood A-lister started the trend of being on the show since the beginning.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was on the South Korean version of the show, called "King of Masked Singer" in 2018. The unmasking episode of Reynolds came out in May and many were shocked he participated in the show. Now, the American version has become a family sensation with everyone from Grandma to the kiddos putting their guesses in to see who is under the mask. Check out the video above of Reynold's serenading the audience with his version of "Tomorrow" from the Broadway musical Annie. Then see the moment everyone loses their mind when they realize its Reynolds dressed up as a unicorn.

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