Mt. Christo Rey  looks down over the Borderland and the Rio Grande. The river in which a Texas musician feels the second coming met with some resistance.

Texas rock 'n blues master, Ian Moore, has familial ties to El Paso and once mentioned both El Chuco and and Juarez in one of his few rock radio hits, "Muddy Jesus" I say "few" because his real strength and fan base lies more in the blues than rock.

The song tells the tale of Jesus trying to cross the border, from Juarez, into El Paso. (In my imagination, it happens somewhere down below UTEP.)

Mother Mary supports him, saying the "river is wide but can be fought and won".  Judas however, seemingly the concerned, good guy this time around, urges him to get farther away from EP.

Judas acknowledges that Jesus is "prone to walk on water" but still presses him to go farther downstream where "there's a better chance he'll make it across the border".

A group of "high powered Federales" seem to help him plan. Jesus is determined and makes his "run on a hot and humid ... GOOD, we'll assume ... Friday night".

"Blinded by the bright El Paso lights", he never  sees the shot that cuts his journey short and his followers are left "waiting for the coming of their man".

Is Ian insinuating that the second coming has already gone down but not according to plan and the faithful have been robbed of their salvation?

Was it meant to be a "no borders" rallying cry? Or, perhaps, a look at how politics could potentially thwart good in the name of preventing evil?

Who shot him? Border Patrol agents or the Mexican Feds who were, supposedly, on his side? Judas betrayed him the first time. This time, maybe, it was the Mexicans. The lyrics state that even Jesus never saw who did it.

Maybe, it's Ian Moore's vision of how the second coming really will go down, only the song doesn't continue past Jesus' death to the resurrection and His return to Heaven.

Maybe, it's just a look at day to day life in Juarez with a drug runner named Jesus who has/had delusions of grandeur.

Maybe it's just a really cool song and I need a life ...

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