You know, it really is true, you do learn something new everyday. For instance, today I learned that there was a sitcom in the '60s called "Karen". This discovery came after a crazy week for one particular woman in El Paso.

The woman that is being dubbed the "El Paso Karen" is apparently not taking it well. We all know what a "Karen" is- so when this video surfaced online, it was easy to spot the Karen.

Later, came this video that was supposedly how the new EP Karen was handling her viral antics:

While we were playing the videos on air, Buzz noticed that the Karen song sounded like it was performed by someone familiar; the Beach Boys. Well, he wasn't wrong. That is indeed the Beach Boys singing "Karen". The song was used as the theme song for the 1964 short lived sitcom entitled simply, "Karen".

The show ran for one season and starred Debbie Watson as 16 year old Karen Scott who "works for "Open America" and assists in finding and uncovering corrupt politicians". I wonder why it only lasted a season, but I digress. Here is the opening theme song.

Love it. Apparently the show was rebooted in 1975 but was cancelled after only four months due to low ratings. Amazing, that is now the song I'll play when I see a "Karen".

As for the El Paso Karen, well, she called into the Morning Show and tried to tell her side of the story, but unfortunately, she ended up digging a bigger hole for herself. Thanks to FitFam for featuring our interview!

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