There is a fond place we all know, love, and even miss which hopefully you guessed Magic Landing. So many El Pasoans have some great memories to remember from that magical place.

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Some of you were lucky and already brought into this world and got to visit Magic Landing when it was around. All I got to say is thank goodness some people held on to some footage of Magic Landing to look back at.

It is always nice to see photos or videos of places that once existed in El Paso. Luckily, Braker Lane's YouTube had some old-school footage to share of Magic Landing when it was thriving.

There is such a huge difference from then to now in the area where Magic Landing was located at. That was the place parents used as a bribe for their kids to behave if they ever wanted to go back.

If you and your family went on a daily basis then you may be familiar with Magic Landing's perks. EWJXN's YouTube video above will give you a blast from the past with an old Magic Landing commercial.

Your hearts may ache after watching The Predator Orr's YouTube video giving you a tour of Magic Landing. When you remember how it used to be to what it is now, is depressing as hell.

But luckily, one important piece that has been saved and you can see is the train at El Paso Connection. So if you ever want to re-visit the old train you once rode at Magic Landing you can in the far East hood.

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