These men are true heroes to women who need car maintenance done on their vehicles! If you're a single mom, widow, wife of a deployed soldier these volunteer mechanics help out as much as they can.

God's Garage in Conroe, Texas helps repair and even gives away cars to women in need. God's Garage started up 15 year's ago and has quite the staff that wears invisible capes. The volunteers help repair cars at the cost of nothing for women who have lack of car knowledge. God's Garage is that helping hand for those women who don't have a man handy. This garage helped over 70 women who needed a car to get to work or take their children to school. KHOU 11 gave these men some praise for the hard work they put in at God's Garage helping women.

If you know someone who lives in Conroe, Texas and needs a helping hand on their car be sure to send them to God's Garage!

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