We have a bit of an issue going on at the border right now and of course, each side of the political aisle is blaming the other. First, let's start with the right. What point are they making? A 13-member delegation of Republicans led by U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy came to El Paso to tour the Texas-Mexico border and they have deemed the situation a "crisis". McCarthy talked about the US Border Patrol detention facility at Hondo Pass:

The new facility that was built, we never thought it would reach capacity of 1,040, hitting capacity today. When it does that it takes 120 of agents off their protection of the border.

The GOP is adamant that terrorists are making their way through the Borderland. Including New York Rep. John Katko who said:

The people they've caught in the last few days in Sector 3 have been under terror watch lists - individuals they have on watch lists for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border. We need to wake up.

Arguing for the Democrats is US Rep from El Paso Veronica Escobar. She claims that the issues on the border come from previous administration because they deliberately dismantled and damaged the immigration system that the Biden administration was inheriting. Escobar said:

When folks want to use fear to get the American public to believe that the southern border is a place to be feared -- that’s what in fact has created the billions of dollars in waste militarizing communities like mine when we have yet to get any reports of the accusation that terrorists are coming through the southern border.

So who is to blame? Honestly? Who cares. Just fix it. Stop arguing about it and fix it.

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