Last year was the year that motivated so many people to vote who had never voted before in their lives. Some people were thinking El Paso County was going to have more of a red hue but not this time around. There is a color-coded map that has surfaced on Reddit showing how El Paso county voted last year in 2020. El Paso County has an array of different types of blue hues all over the color-coded map except for a couple of small areas. There was only one small area that looks like the shape of a mustache is blood red. The only way to see the blood red area is if you zoom in on the picture. There are a couple surrounding areas that have a teeny weeny hint of a really light shade of red. There were some comments being made wondering if the soldiers had an influence for so much blue.

Here is a map of how El Paso county voted in the 2020 election from r/ElPaso

Another Reddit user mentioned that soldiers can only vote in the state they're registered in. It seems like there were a few shocked locals about El Paso County having more blue than red and vice versa. But in comparison from the last election El Paso has gained a little bit more of red. President Joe Biden had 178,126 votes while Trump had 84,331 votes. The 2020 election surprised many by how many voted and topping the 2016's votes. Thanks to Reddit user Spooderman89 1 for showing us what our votes look like in color.

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