All aboard this leisurely train ride that will take you from Texas to New Orleans just in time for Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras
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Train rides have been around for decades; at one point it was the best way to travel to far distances. Trains have pretty good reps- looking at you Hogwarts Express! And this one train that takes you to and from Houston/New Orleans definitely looks like a good time; just check out the amenities:

The observation deck alone looks like it's worth the trip!

A quick research will show you that this particular track is called "Sunset Limited" that travels back and forth from Louisiana to California and departs three days a week.

However many in the comments were quick to point out that this trip may take longer than your entire week at Mardi Gras! The comments stated that the trip might cost you a mere $45 (for one way) but the trip can last up to 12 hours! That's twice the time it'll take you to drive! A regular driving trip will last less than six hours from Houston to New Orleans!

But, lovers of the train ride were good at pointing out that taking the train is a leisurely experience; and many take the train not to get to their destination as quickly as they can but to literally just "enjoy the ride". One comment said:

This is actually a nice leisure experience if you like train rides. It took me 12hrs from NOLA to HTX. It cost me like $45/one way (if my memory serves me correctly). The lounge with panoramic views was my favorite part. The trip duration was my least favorite.

Now I know why they offer all these amenities; you're going to be on the train for quite awhile, might as well make yourself at home for the next 12 hours.

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