You don't see steam locomotives around anymore aside from the occasional display & showcases for the public. But for a time they WERE the way that people got around; and they still are in use overseas. One of the most iconic steam trains, The Flying Scotsman, despite being a British locomotive, DID visit Texas as one of it's first stops when it came to visit America.

Flying Scotsman
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 What IS The Flying Scotsman?

Built in London in 1923, The Flying Scotsman was an A1 locomotive that would travel between London to Scotland where it would earn its nickname. It became the first locomotive to hit 100mph; and it became a celebrity of sorts in England.

Flying Scotsman Saved For Preservation
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 When did it come to the United States?

In 1969, The Flying Scotsman would have its first US tour; with its original goal of reaching California from the East Coast. The tour started in Boston, heading to New York, Pennsylvania and along the east coast.

Where did The Flying Scotsman go in Texas?


The first stop it made in Texas would be in Houston. Some people were even able to take photos of the locomotive, that can be found on Facebook (thanks to various Facebook groups preserving the history of steam locomotives).

The Flying Scotsman would be seen in Dallas in 1969. The train would end up staying at the Slaton Harvey House in Lubbock until the train was ready to continue on its journey in 1970.

More photos would appear the next year

1970 is where more people had a chance of getting photo (and video) of the Flying Scotsman.

Photos can be seen the Facebook group Big Country Railroad Historical Society

& Steam Days Magazine

There's also footage of The Flying Scotsman passing through Lancaster, Texas on YouTube.

There's also a rumor that The Flying Scotsman supposedly derailed in Waco, but so far no photos or videos can neither confirm nor deny this. However the train DID derail in San Francisco.

Flying Scotsman
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The Flying Scotsman would stay in the United States until 1972 before traveling back to Europe. If you want to see just how chaotic the entire US journey was, you can see this video by the YouTube channel, Train Of Thought.

Flying Scotsman wasn't the only iconic locomotive to visit Texas

The Union Pacific steam locomotive #4018, aka the "Big Boy", is probably the most popular & famous example of steam locomotives in Texas. It's made many appearances in the state of Texas.

The Flying Scotsman hasn't returned to Texas since the 1970s & it's very likely that it probably won't (the train IS 100 years old over all so it'll stay overseas in its home in Europe). But for a time, it was nice to know that one of the most iconic steam locomotives DID visit the USA, and that Texas was one of the first states it ever visited.

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