According to CBS News, everyone's buzzing about this "One Chip Challenge" from Paqui, especially after the unfortunate passing of Harris Wolobah, a 14-year-old.

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Everyone's got an opinion on these wild spicy challenges, and between you and me, some people are just looking for their 15 minutes of internet fame.

But what if, just for kicks, we made this challenge a Texas-only thing?

Texas thinks it's the "spicy capital" or something. They brag about their hot dishes like chili con carne and others, acting all high and mighty with their spicy tolerance.

So, maybe they can handle a single spicy chip?

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Growing up in Texas is like being baptized in hot sauce. You get warned at every dinner table about which dish might make you breathe fire. Maybe that makes Texans a bit more savvy about what they're getting into with this challenge.

Or perhaps they just like playing with fire.

Most Texas restaurants even grade their dishes with 'heat' scales. Like a spicy report card for food.

Having the challenge just in Texas won’t make everything peachy. Every state should still give people a heads-up about these INSANE challenges.

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Because, unfortunately, some do it for a few likes and giggles on the internet.

Texas could be the “chosen one” for this spicy challenge, but everyone should probably chill and rethink these blazing dares.

Paqui, the mastermind behind this chip debacle, is actually based in Austin, Texas. So, the whole idea of Texas being the ultimate battleground for this spicy showdown isn’t just a random shot in the dark. It’s like Batman taking on bad guys in Gotham.

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