The Texas Senate recently voted on red light cameras and whether or not they can be used. Here in El Paso, I have multiple red light cameras on my typical route. And by typical route, I mean I have basically three places I go to other than my house. The office, the gym, and my girlfriend's house. And on those three very simple routes, there are more than a few red light cameras. And just yesterday I saw cars on two different occasions set off the cameras.

Well, we're one step closer to those red light cameras going away, because the Texas Senate just voted to ban red light cameras in the state of Texas. It's been voted on twice in recent years, but both times, banning red light cameras has failed. Does this mean we can start running red lights all we want because the cameras are no longer watching? No.

First of all, the argument against the cameras tends to be thin at best. "How can you face your accuser?" One of the stupidest arguments ever. The laws have to adapt to technology and society. This argument should have become null and void once someone rigged a censor up to a camera. It's an antiquated argument using an amendment that was created long before even the thought of a red light camera.

Second of all, this was just the Texas Senate voting for the bill. The House still needs to approve the bill and then it will go to the governor.