If you have a Texas sized appetite, you should probably plan a visit to one of these restaurants.

There is some great food available in the lone star state and a few places really go big on the portions.  Some of these even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Whether you're looking for a steak dinner, pizza, a sandwich or dessert; you won't walk away from your table hungry at these places.

Let's start on the lighter side with a simple sandwich.

The "Zellagabetsky" at Kenny and Ziggy's in Houston is an 8 layer sandwich made of 5 meats, cheese and more. Finish it all and you'll get free cheesecake.

If you're into pizza, Dirt Road Cookers in Hondo makes the world's largest. How big? 8 feet across, that's how big.

Don't worry about fitting it into your car. They'll not only bring it to you, they'll even cook it right at your house. Can you say "pizza party"?

Steak. Texans love their steak and the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo gives you plenty. Every thing is big here. One steak weighs 72 ounces and, if you can polish it off, it's free.

This lady not only did it, she put away 3 of 'em. THREE ... and she did it in 20 minutes.

Ready for dessert?

Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock serves up some huge ones. Seriously, these things are BIG ... see for yourself.

You're not leaving these places hungry, that's for sure. If you can't make it to Kenny and Ziggy's, they ship orders. Round Rock Donuts don't ship because ... this is a GODD thing ... they use NO preservatives.

Dirt Road Cookers brings all the ingredients to the customer and then makes the pizza  onsite.

I feel like El Paso may fall slightly out of their delivery area though.

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