Hear ye, hear ye! You still have time to check out one of the biggest Renaissance fests in Texas. The huge Texas Renaissance Festival is celebrating its 49th year in Todd Mission, Texas!

I've never been to a renaissance festival, not because I look down on them or anything, but because I'm not entirely sure my part of Texas hosts one! But I have heard of people who travel to many different Ren fairs across the country, and honestly, they look like a ton of 16th century fun!

The Texas Ren Fest (as it's called) has been a Texas tradition in Todd Mission and one of their biggest attractions is Galiana, the Living Fountain.

This unique entertainment experience is described as:

An elegant and sophisticated show that combines artistry and illusion as a beautiful statue transforms herself with magical grace into a Living Fountain

She's a big hit that is not only seen at the big Texas Ren Fest, but is also seen at other renaissance fairs and different festivals across the country!

The huge Texas Ren Fest runs through November 26th; with different themed weekends that include Highland Fling and Celtic Christmas.


You can purchase tickets here, as well as see the kingdom map. The Ren Fest is filled with different types of entertainment that are fun for the entire family.

Now, if you're like me and have never been to a Renaissance festival, well, luckily there's the internet, because scrolling through all the Texas Ren Fest videos really makes me want to go! Like, I've always wondered what there is to eat at the festival!

Looks like I would have enjoyed eating my way through the 16th century.

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