Things are bigger in Texas and that includes the number of ghosts. Texas has racked up some pretty impressive stats there and we're now the most haunted state in the union.

Every state has its share of ghosts but here in the lone star state we have loads of 'em. Enough to earn us the aforementioned title of most haunted state in the United States of America. collected a ton of data and then used it to come up with a scoring scale for ghostly activity. 10 is tops, 1 was lowest and we were damn near a perfect 10.

The bonusfinder peeps used info collected from Ghosts of America, (they track ghost sightings in the USA.), Ghostquest, (they keep track of ghostly activity across the country) and Find a Grave. (They count cemeteries.)

Texas wound up with almost a perfect 10. We scored 9.8, making us numero uno in the USA. Here are the lone star state stats:

  • Ghost sightings: 7,517
  • Haunted locations: 925
  • Paranormal investigators: 158
  • Cemeteries: 13,710 - KHOU
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What Were The Top 10 Most Haunted States In The USA?

1. Texas - 9.8

2. Maine - 9.0

3. Florida/Vermont 8.8 (tied)

4. North Dakota - 8.5

5. South Dakota - 8.4

6. West Virginia - 7.6

7. Kentucky - 7.5

8. Montana - 7.3

9. Iowa - 7.1

10. Alaska - 6.8

Surprisingly, one of the oldest states, New Jersey, had the lowest score (0.8) and Arizona ... sight of so many violent deaths throughout the 1800's gunfights, wars and Indian battles ... was next at 0.9.

What Were The Top 10 Least Haunted States In The USA?

  • 10. Illinois 3.0
  • 9. Connecticut 2.7
  • 8. Minnesota - Washington 2.6 (tied)
  • 7. Colorado - Utah 2.4 (tied)
  • 6. California 2.0
  • 5. Maryland 1.6
  • 4. New York 1.2
  • 3. Nevada 1.0
  • 2. Arizona 0.9
  • 1. New Jersey 0.8

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