The Alamo is once again under attack as a new plan to "reimagine the Alamo" seeks to remove certain monuments and minimize the events that happened there.

According to, the plan calls for:

the removal of the Alamo Memorial, the Cenotaph, which has stood in Alamo Plaza since the 1836 centennial, to a site blocks away. The plan also calls for rebuilding the original plaza walls, but not with limestone as they would have been over 180 years ago, but with German-made, see-through glass.

That's not all, to see what the rest of the plan calls for, click here. The Alamo's Chief Planner, George Skarmeas, wrote in the "Rivard Report" that "The events of 1836 were just one small chapter in 10,000 years of history.’” (He also wrote an Alamo defender's  great - great - great - grandson that "We cannot single out one moment in time.")  A large portion of the money needed to do this has already been raised and a group has formed to try and stop it.

Save The Alamo seeks to preserve, repair and maintain the Alamo. (Visit their Facebook page.) Not, however, by lessening its place, (and/or reducing its story to a minor footnote), in history.  However you feel about this, please make it known to the Rep's listed below, as well as our El Paso/West Texas representatives.

  • Rep. James Frank, (512) 463-0534 or (512) 463-8161 (Fax)
  • Sen. Craig Estes, (512) 463-0130 or (512) 463-8874 (Fax)

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